The most advanced fibre network in South Africa and available exclusively in select areas (for now). Speeds up to 10 Gigabits/second. iF YOU'RE NOT YET CONNECTED TO lIGHTWIRE PHOTON, CHECK YOUR COVERAGE AND SIGN UP, OR REGISTER YOUR INTEREST


ONYX enables homes and businesses to connect at speeds of up to 2 gigabits/second in select areas in Johannesburg (Q4 2021) and Cape Town (Q3 2022). Check your coverage or register your interest now to avoid disappointment


LIT introduces affordable fibre to previously disadvantaged communities at a sensible price-point, thereby democratising access to high-speed broadband within areas previously forgotten about.




Photon's entry-level speed. A first-class experience at a low price


This is what Photon fibre is all about. True fibre speeds to the home


For the internet connoisseur. Get the fastest internet speed to your home


10 Gb/s internet is COMING SOON. Stay tuned for more information

Get 100Mb/s

from just


per month

Get 1000Mb/s

from just


per month

Get 5000Mb/s

from just


per month

Get 10,000Mb/s



Fibre product and speed availability is dependent on your coverage zone. Please use our coverage checker to determine if you are covered for Lightwire Photon Fibre. If not, simply register your interest and our team will notify you as soon as Lightwire Photon becomes available in your area.

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Check Coverage
Use our online coverage checker to check for Lightwire coverage at your location
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Why choose Lightwire?

LLightwire is a first-of-its-kind operator on the African continent installing next-generation broadband connectivity with speeds that make sense for the modern world, and at pricing that makes sense to your pocket.


Lightwire installs a custom, direct connection to your premises and does not share your bandwidth with other users, unlike other broadband technologies adopted by many other fibre networks. Lightwire is quick to switch to, affordable for the modern world, and future-proof

Lightwire FAQ
Everything you need to know about Lightwire

Lightwire is made up of telecoms industry veterans who left existing network operators and ISPs to form Lightwire, with a common vision to revolutionise the pricing and speed of connectivity in South Africa

Through Lightwire’s established partnerships, we have created a unique network methodology as well as connectivity eco-system to allow clients to experience first-world and first-class connectivity at a fraction of incumbent pricing.

Lightwire partners with and is backed by some of the world’s largest technology companies. In fact you probably use their services each and every day. It’s our goal to get the world connected and to democratise connectivity. To do this we have worked behind the scenes and without much fanfare for 3 years to build the most comprehensive and technologically capable connectivity solutions currently available.

In addition to our backing and technology partners, we also work with numerous ISPs to ensure that you have as much choice as humanly possible no matter how you connect through the Lightwire network.

Lightwire is on a mission to connect as many South Africans as possible and as quickly as possible. To know if you’re covered, simply use our coverage tool available on our website. 

If you’re not yet covered, likelihood is that we will cover your area soon. So register your interest to make the switch to Lightwire and we’ll notify you as soon as your address falls within our coverage area.

As technology evolves, the need for high speed internet becomes greater and greater. As the metaverse comes to fuition, the social media landscape widens, streaming quality becomes better and better and virtual reality becomes ubiquitous, you’ll need more than 10Mb/s or 20Mb/s to connect. We can now enjoy streaming from Disney, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, HBO, Showmax, Showtime and so many more. With 4K streaming you need to have a minimum of 100Mb/s to stream happily in a family home. With games becoming more immersive and realistic and engines like Unreal unleash the true power of your hardware, the bottleneck will soon become your internet connection. This is a never-ending catch-up that telecoms companies play with evolving technology. 

Lightwire believes that the future is now, and access to high-speed internet is essential for every human on the planet. Accordingly we have built and provisioned for this high-speed connectivity today. 

Evolution since 2019 
The Lightwire Evolution from inception to your home & business

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